Paul Pierce To Retire After Final Season With LA Clippers

You are heartily welcome to the Basketball court of duyiOMOibadan Sports Blog. We will continue to bring you current news about basketball happenings around the world.

In our first piece of news, we report that Paul Pierce has decided to go for one more season and then call it quits. He believes that with the current group, the Clippers have a goos shot at clinching their first league title.

“The reason for me coming back is this group,” he said. “This group is talented enough to win a championship. I want to come back and give it one more try and help them get over the top.” quotes the 39 year old as saying.

He had earlier said that the disappointments of the last season had left him unmotivated to train but has overcome those issues and is ready to try for one more time. Pierce is the lone active player with over 25,000 points, 7,500 rebounds and 4,500 assists.


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